Usenet binaries with Pan

This is a scoring script that I use on some huge groups like alt.binaries.multimedia or and it’s much quicker than using the interface. Pan is compatible with the PCRE “Perl Compatible Regular Expressions”.

Quick example :

$ score

Score: =-9999

That way all the files called like “dead like me S01E22″ or “dead-like-me.1×11″ or “″ are scored -9999 and I can save some RAM by reading only the headers scored 0. I can also delete all the headers scored -9999 ( ignored ) all at the same time.

Here’s the “score” script to put in your /home/you/bin directory. The hardcoded things need to be changed ( path, group name )

import sys

scorefile = “/home/you/News/Score”

group = “^alt\\.binaries\\.multimedia|alt\\.binaries\\.tv$”
arg = sys.argv[1]
score = arg+’.S\\d\\dE\\d\\d|’+arg+’.\\dx\\d\\d|’+arg+’.\\d\\d\\d’

f=open(scorefile, ‘a’)

f.write( “\n” + “[” + group + “]\n” )
f.write( “\t” + “Score: =-9999″ + “\n” )
f.write( “\t” + “Subject: ” + score + “\n\n” )

print “ADDED :”
print “\n” + “[” + group + “]”
print “\t” + “Score: =-9999″ + “” print “\t” + “Subject: ” + score

One thought on “Usenet binaries with Pan

  • Anonymous

    Binary grabber: SABnzbd+,
    I think it’s the best. It downloads the nzb’s you selected checks on missing parts, if you wish repairs it and uncompress it. The usenet Automatic tool. Btw it runs upon you browser at port 8080
    grtz from Belgium


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