Split 001 002 files with Linux

Concatenation of multiple split files.

These split files are likely to be made by Quickpar users under windows, so the perfect way to assemble them is to use the par2 command line. ( from the parchive package )

par2 r myfile.par2 myfile.*

That way, all the split files will be considered as additionnal blocks, and it will check, repair, concatenate the files at the same time.

Note that it’s also possible to join the split files back together and then use the new file to find additionnal blocks. It takes one step more but it can save some processing time.

Sometimes the posters mistakenly create parity files that will repair the split files instead of the actual file, after repairing the split files use one of these sweet shell wildcard to merge them back together :

$ cat *.[0-9][0-9][0-9] >output.avi

If the split files are not the only ones in the folder :

$ cat yourfile.avi.[0-9][0-9][0-9] >yourfile.avi

or :

$ cat yourfile.avi.??? >yourfile.avi

This is very rare but sometimes .001 .002 .003 files are not split files but actual Rar multiple-part archives, in that case, unrar should do the job :

$ unrar e yourfile.avi.001

This only happened to me once in millions of Gigas of legal usenet binaries downloads hehe.

Please drop a comment if you have a question or new software to plug !

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