Par2 repair with Linux

How do I repair incomplete files with the par2 parity files ?


With the parchive package ( or par2 package if you use Debian/Ubuntu )and the par2 command :

$ par2 r file.par2

or :

$ par2repair file.par2

Or with Quickpar that works fine with Wine.



How do par2/repair by double-clicking from my file manager without opening a console ? Is there a par2 GUI ?

Those using KDE/Konqueror won’t have any problem associating par2 files with par2repair and letting the console open after the operation, it’s very straight forward.
With Gnome opening a gnome-terminal from Nautilus is tricky since it the window closes too quickly you can’t see what happened, so let’s use xterm instead :

In Nautilus, associate par2 extensions with custom command-line :

xterm -hold -e par2repair

About the Par2 GUIs there are several :

Please drop a comment if you have a question or new software to plug !

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