Linux Binaries Grabbers

Which binaries grabber for Linux ?

* Multi-server, multi-sources :

1. Pan 0.1** beta now uses less memory, handles multiple servers and nzb files. It only allows 4 connections per server though, which is kind of bad for those of us who pay for using more. I wish it could support SSL and nntps as well.

2. Klibido : GNU, handles Nzb files, OK but unstable

3. BNR2 : heavy, unstable, coded with Kylix, ( not free? )

4. Newsbin Pro is also reported to work fine with Wine and seem to use very few memory. ( not free )

* Nzb command-lines : nzb, hellanzb, NZBget, nzbperl, Knzb.

* Command-line binary grabbers : ubh, brag, aub, nget,

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