Advice for posting par2 and split files

( Thanks a lot to “Nobody” @ a.b.m.a.d for this part! )

You don’t need a file splitter do it, the split command-line will do the job easily.

Posting rules :

* The split files must be a multiple of the par2 block-size, if not some blocks can be lost between two split files.

* The par2 block-size should be equal to the size of the article, or a multiple of it.

* Posting with Newspost constrains the article size to be a multiple of 45, and thus, so must be the Par2 block-size and the split file size.

Here’s an example of good settings :

# Par2 block-size : 225,000 bytes

# Article size : 225,000 bytes and 5000 lines

# Split files size : 9,000,000 bytes ( 40 articles )


par2 create -s225000 $1

split –suffix-length=3 –numeric-suffixes –bytes=9000000 $1 $1′.’

Example of use :

$ sh uberspanking.avi

To join the files back together and check them at the same time :

par2 r myfile.avi.par2 myfile.avi*

To post with Newspost, don’t forget to specify the good number of lines :

$ newspost …….. -l 5000 ……

Here’s another binary poster : yencee.

Please drop a comment if you have a question or new software to plug !

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